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Msi afterburner wrong temperature

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Im sure I'm being stupid, thanks for the help


QuestionHow accurate is MSI afterburner on Temperature readings? Both cpu and gpu max out at 40° I have 10 fans in the case.

when installing afterburner will do silent installs for both VCredist and Direct X so yay for that after the install you are greeted with this hot garbage

MSI Afterburner not working?

[G3D] MSI Afterburner 4.4.0 Stable/Final

MSI Afterburner Complete Guide

that's what I meant

... vga you chose the wrong afterburner skin in "Settings"/"User Interface" The Power Limit slider will only be visible with "Default MSI Afterburner Skin"

How to monitor your temperatures and FPS with MSI Afterburner ?? WORKING!!


MSI AB v4.6.0 beta 10

There's also a beta channel you can try out if you've just bought a card based on brand-new architecture, like NVIDIA's Turing.

MSI Afterburner also agrees with HWMonitor on the core temperature. It's supposedly idling about 38*C according to HWMonitor, MSI AF, and Real Temp.

How to unlock CORE VOLTAGE in MSI Afterburner 4 different ways!!


xapim said:

Helpful ReplyConcern about power monitoring segment on MSI Afterburner for my EVGA 1080 SC

MSI Afterburner is my PC CPU bound or GPU??

Is this temperature accurate?

How to Reset MSI Afterburner Settings

Msi after burner on screen display with cpu usage ...

Photos of 2 different logs from MSI Afterburner:

On the left you have the possible graphs to be selected. When you click on a graph you activate it and the symbol next to it lights up.



MSI AB v4.6.0 beta 10


This resulted in a Turbo Boost 3.0 operating frequency of at least 2GHz in games which is about a 9% jump from the stock boost frequency.

I tweaked the Fan Min Speed and the Acoustic Limit to no avail, the GPU still ignores the target temperature. Is this a known issue of this driver version?

How to display GPU temperatures with MSI Afterburner

these are the only important option to have in OSD, unless you have some specialized reason.

... msi afterburner and claymore can't detect it anymore until I restart the system.. And sometimes claymore freeze whole PC.. *Sorry for bad English*

I recently purchased the Z370 Gaming Plus motherboard. The MSI Command Center reports a drastically different CPU temperature than HWInfo.

... Kombuster's latest version does not include an artifact scanner. Also note that Kombuster is not bundled with Afterburner; it's a separate install.

By default it is grayed out and you need to go into the settings to unlock the option to use it. I did not for this guide, because stock settings of 1.063v ...

... the CPU package. there's no reason to see the temperature of every core.it totally ruins the game experience to have a wall of text for the whole screen

(Tutorial) On Screen Display Stats - with Afterburner, Rivatuner and HWiNFO!

[ IMG]

[ IMG]

msi afterburner

gpu stress test

Note that triple overvoltage for Lightning and Power Edition GTX680 & GTX670 vgas will require Afterburner version 2.2.3, the latest GTX 660 & 650 cards ...

If overvolting is greyed out and can't be changed you have to activate it in "Settings"/"General".

[GL702VM & similar] Solution to Performance issues / Overheating / Throttling [Archive] - ASUS Republic of Gamers [ROG] | The Choice of Champions ...


Screen capture of CPU-Z validator:

By default Temp limit is set to a target temp of 79°C what means anything below will allow max boost. Increasing Temp limit will allow boosting at higher ...

What accounts for this discrepancy and how do I fix it?

In "Active hardware monitoring graphs" you can choose what should be displayed in OSD.

... MSI Afterburner with Rivatuner software for temperature overlays like this (see the top left) because in this weather you don't want to burn anything ...

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MSI Afterburner - The AnandTech Guide to Video Card Overclocking Software


Use MSI Afterburner to Show - GPU Temp - CPU Temp - Usage - Tutorial 2017 - YouTube

So, I decided to start checking temps (using both AMD Overdrive and MSI Afterburner*), and tonight, a kinda cold night (~13ºC outside), I got surprised when ...


Settings in bios perhaps? The "big change" is that I no longer use the cpu pin on the motherboard, but the pump pin. Would changing it back fix this?

Click image for larger version. Name: 1.jpg Views: 9 Size:

MSI AB v4.6.0 beta 10

Above example is from Msi afterburner website


MSI Afterburner - Page 3 - პროგრამები - Overclockers GE - Because Speed Matters

Illustro Extended 2.1 by Oxmaster ...

After MSI Afterburner is all being setup. Open up RTSS which should be located in the task bar near the Afterburner icon. This is what it should look like.

Can't get my MSI gtx 770 gaming 4gb to work! - GeForce Forums

If you want to restore all the settings to the default, click the restore button on Afterburner.

MSI Afterburner

How to Monitor FPS, CPU, GPU Usage and Temperature | MSI Afterburner [Tutorial] (2017)

Oc Profiles and starting up with oc

... never seen such readings like these so while using msi afterburner in the past any explanations to why i'm getting them would be greatly appreciated

... image of my own Afterburner window with my GPU running at idle. You typically only need to worry about two readings here: GPU temperature and GPU usage.

MSI Afterburner APP on the App Store

the icon for revatuner wil be in the icon tray , it looks liek a blue screen/monitor. the window looks like this, and the setup button is on the bottom left

Overclocking software

Most monitoring tools are capable of more than just controlling GPU fans and altering voltage. They also monitor temperatures, core and memory frequencies, ...


Click image for larger version. Name: problemaTemperatura.JPG Views: 2 Size:

4. Install the RivaTuner Statistics Server tool. The procedure is identical to MSI Afterburner's setup.

[ IMG]


MSI Afterburner - The AnandTech Guide to Video Card Overclocking Software

All of this could be viewed while using msi afterburner and watching the clocks and temps in game in a corner with the OSD.

2x SLI GTX 970 FTW - asynchronous data

MSI Afterburner User interface. This section is meant to customize by your own preference, while every options are self explained, go by your likings.

... Kombuster's latest version does not include an artifact scanner. Also note that Kombuster is not bundled with Afterburner; it's a separate install.

GPU Temperature Profile